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Juliane v. Crailsheim
GSM: 0032 496 13 12 77



Atelier about constellation works – An approach about groups dynamic and body sensation

This Atelier is based on constellation work, often known in the context of family constellations. It is for everyone, who is interested to put inner relations into space and to let them happen, to clear a point of view, to accept physical sensations. You can come with your own question and let it represent in a constellation, you can represent for others, and maybe you simply want to watch.

For further information please contact Juliane v. Crailsheim, GSM: 0496 13 12 77, Email: bodytalker.home@gmail.com, Video links: https://vimeo.com/bodytalker/videos

The Presence of the bodyworkshop about presence on stage/body expression
For actors, dancers, performer and interested person in interaction.
In this workshop we communicate with each other nonverbally and directly. Different movement approaches will be used to aces a whole spectrum of expressions.

Challenging energy – workshop about different states of energy

For actors, dancers, performer and interested person in interaction.
This workshop focuses on different states of energy of our body, to bring the body in a state where it plays, where it is creative, where dance becomes expression for sensations.