De scène betreed je niet met de wetten van het theater maar met de wetten van het woud:
treed op breek niet binnen leg bloot doch trek de wortels niet weg vergeet je tekst niet
in het geruis der boomkruinen je gebaren moeten helder zijn zonder te verjagen zonder      de slechten te lokken welke kleur heeft je kledij midden in het woud leer wat dienstig is voor je oriëntatie en wat je noodlottig kan worden waar zijn je metgezellen naar wie onder hen luister je naar wie luister je niet je uitrusting moet goed zijn in het kreupelhout vergeet niet waar je staat en waar je vandaan komt wanneer hij nadert schuw en vereenzaamd wat zul je de mens dan zeggen?

(Juliane von Crailsheim)

About BodyTalker Ensemble 

“BodyTalker vzw” transformed in 2015 into ‘LICHTERLOH vzw’, founded by Ivo Kuyl and Juliane v. Crailsheim. Our new website will come soon.

‘BodyTalker’ (2009-2015) was found by Juliane v. Crailsheim in Brussels in order to develop body language on stage and to improve it through practices of dance, theatre and film. BodyTalker researches and performs with international dancers, actors, performers and musicians. Juliane grew up in a close contact with a group of horses and there she experienced immediate, bodily communication. As a further step, she researches within “BodyTalker” this ‘knowledge’, that is written in each one’s body. Through divers long term researches and creations, BodyTalker develops a way of expression that addresses perception on an instinctive level and therefore spectators with various backgrounds and surroundings. It is part of the research to present the work in different contexts (artistically and social-artistically) and countries (Belgium, Germany, Finland, Slovakia, France).



Short bio Juliane v. Crailsheim

2003 graduation in theatre, film and creative writing in Hildesheim (GER). 2003-2005 she worked as director’s assistant in the “Bades State Theatre” (GER) and with Johan Simons at “NTGent / Münchner Kammerspiele” (BE/GER). She was artist in residence at “Pro Artibus” (FI) 2010, had a writing residence at “Mecklenburg inspiriert” (GER) 2011, and was Alumnus at the “International Forum Theatertreffen Berlin” (GER) 2011. Invited by “nadine vzw” (2013), she participated in the travel-art project “Default 1″ through Spain and Portugal, developing her writing project ‘Meindruck’. Between 2007-2013 she deepened into several long-term researches within Bodytalker, created short movies and the creations ‘Solo’ together with Shosha van Kranendonk’ and ‘Could we f lie together’ together with Peter Savel. Invited by Ivo Kuyl, she took part in the online-redaction of ‘et-cetera’ in 2014. Juliane published articles at et-cetera and Goethe Institut Brüssel and Grenzecho (2013/2014) and poems at ‘Manuskripte’ and “Dichtungsring” (2015/16). Besides, she creates several short movie-documentations (GER/BE). Collaboration with Satya Roosens (dramaturgy) on her creation ‘TRAPPED INSIDE’ (premiere 2016). In 2015/2016 she participated at an interdisciplinary research together with Ivo Kuyl, Johan Petit and theatre students from ‘RITCS named ‘Kurt Köhler – Handbuch für einen jungen Selbstmörder’. Within LICHTERLOH and in collaboration with Ivo Kuyl, Juliane develops the family drama play ‘Arena’, combining circus and theatre. Researches for this work took place within KAK 1 and 2. Juliane explores a film with the working title ‘Ich bin das Glück dieser Erde’ and an interdisciplinary laboratory of conflicts.